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Alchemy Center Makeup Art Studio and Boutique is a unique Toronto based artist run multidisciplinary studio offering a wide range of cosmetic and artistic services in an intimate and inspiring environment.

At Alchemy Center we not only carry the top quality professional makeup and beauty products but also offer the most innovative and affordable short term hands on training and workshops in the field of makeup artistry, art, body painting and airbrushing.

Our team of professional artists and instructors is devoted to achieving excellence in their craft, sharing their knowledge and techniques with others as well as providing expert guidance, networking, inspiration and personalized attention to every student and client that walks through the door.

Whether you’re coming in for one of our innovative beauty/artistic services or taking one of our workshops, you will be completely satisfied with our level of expertise.

At Alchemy Center, we bring your dreams to fruition and your artistic visions to life.

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