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Airbrush ART Techniques

This incredibly versatile tool can be an asset in every artist's toolbox. This one day workshop will accelerate the skills of new airbrush artist exploring the different types of airbrushes, maintenance, air sources, safety issues, painting surfaces, preparation, colour mixing and airbrush media. You’ll learn how to airbrush correctly to achieve various effects and maximize output using the ideal air pressure specific to any application.

As the workshop progresses we will explore the art of stenciling, masking, shading and highlighting for dimension and blending and layering colors to build a dynamic and balanced composition. You will also learn how to create quick and easy scenes from scratch in a matter of minutes using shields, templates and various freehand techniques. The possibilities are endless!

Course fee includes materials, equipment, products and supplies used in class

: $350 (50% deposit required upon booking)
Duration : 1 day

Classes are on-going so enroll now! Call 416-838-9837 for more information.

More art workshops coming soon!