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Beauty - Body Painting

Body painting is a fascinating art form on living canvas imbued with aesthetic experience.
This versatile and interactive art form is an entertaining and fun addition to any event. It makes for an unforgettable experience, and is a sure way to impress and mesmerize!

Take your event to the next level - showcase body painting at fashion shows, nightclubs, festivals, theatre, restaurants, fundraisers, photo shoots and much more. The attention you will draw with body painting is also ideal for advertising any product or company, trade shows, art shows, commercials and other high profile promotional events.

Don’t have special occasion? Make one!
Alchemy also offers body painting for private parties and photo shoots. Get in touch with your wild side!
Belly paintings are also offered for Mom's-To-Be, a way to create beautiful, long lasting memories of this very special and memorable time.
Spice up your kids b-day party with fun face painting activities and temporary tattoos for the guests.

Want to stand out at the club or show off something really unique at a masquerade ball or costume party?
Body Painting along with other makeup techniques can be used to enhance an outfit for a themed party, or to complete an awesome Halloween costume. It's show stopping and eye catching! If you’re stuck for creative ideas, Alchemy will collaborate with you and design an amazing custom look specifically for you. The possibilities are endless!

Alchemy Center offers the following body painting/airbrushing services:

- Free consultation
- Development of a concept based on the event’s theme
- Reproduction services (logos, custom images or brands)
- Stencil Making
- Live body art and airbrushing
- Body painting/Face painting workshops, presentations, custom lessons
- Providing models for events
- Providing additional body painters for events

Alchemy Center's body painting, face painting and airbrush tattoo services have been provided for:
  • Branding and promotions
  • Corporate events
  • Benefit nights & fund raisers
  • Fashion shows
  • Photographers’ portfolios
  • Models’ portfolios
  • Private parties and functions
  • Kids parties
  • Movie launches
  • Themed events
  • Festivals
  • Commercials
  • Sports events
  • Club events
  • Music events
  • The film festival
  • Halloween
  • Video clips
  • Album covers
  • Magazine covers
  • Sponsorships


Alchemy is currently looking for male and female body painting models for shows, promotions, creatives and workshops. You must be professional, enthusiastic, reliable, patient and comfortable with artistic nudity. If you're interested in working with Alchemy please email us your statistics, website link and current contact information.