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Tattoo Concealing Master

Buy Tattoo Concealer Master

Do you have a special event coming up and need to conceal your tattoo for the day?
Do you take part in swimming and dance competitions, or theatre, and need flawless and durable tattoo coverage?

If you’ve been looking to hide tattoos with makeup—whether your own tattoos or someone else’s—you should know that airbrush makeup is the most natural-looking and lightweight type of makeup for concealing tattoos! HOWEVER…in order to get perfect coverage that is 100% rubproof and waterproof, and to maintain the life of your airbrushing equipment, you’ll need to master a few things first…


Tattoo Concealing Master:
The step-by-step system for flawless and durable coverage of unwanted tattoos with airbrush makeup

Tattoo Concealing Master – Modules 13 (Basic course)

Each of the 3 modules contains 3 video lessons, as well as accompanying Materials Lists, Airbrush Diagram and related PDFs.

Tattoo Concealing Master – Modules 1–4 (Elite course) 

The Elite level course includes everything listed in the Basic course (see description above), as well as an extra module (Module 4), which gives in-depth training on equipment and product knowledge, color-correction and neutralization, and tattoo coverage for skin issues.


Tattoo Concealing Master is a comprehensive online video course that you can practice along to, at your own pace, and in the comfort of your home.

The Basic level of the course is meant for people wanting to cover their own tattoos, and who have very little or no experience with airbrush makeup.

The Elite level is meant for makeup artists or aspiring makeup artists who want to get certified, in order to make a great income and enjoy a flexible work schedule covering tattoos professionally.


Both course bundles also contain 3 bonus gifts!


Bonus #1:

Quick Start Guide

This convenient one-page PDF shows you the needed materials, basic airbrush assembly, makeup application, setting with powder, and basic airbrush cleaning.

Bonus #2:

Tattoo Neutralization Color Chart

This user-friendly one-page PDF features a complementary color wheel to help determine which color-correctors can best neutralize certain tattoo colors. It also features two real-life tattoo images as practical examples of the complementary colors neutralization principles

Bonus #3:

Facebook group membership

The Tattoo Concealing Master Facebook group is an exclusive online community where members can ask questions, post before and after pictures, and network with other people with unwanted tattoos and/or makeup artists. Because we will be coaching and interacting one-on-one with group members, spots are limited, so act now to secure your membership!

Take things a step further, and cover tattoos professionally! 
Choose our Elite course and get certified!

In addition to having access to the in-depth video training of Module 4 (see description above), our Elite members will be sent a personalized Certificate of Completion if they obtain a passing grade of 80% on our Theoretical Test and Practical Test. The Theoretical Test consists of 20 multiple choice questions, and the Practical Test consists of 2 short videos that will need to be submitted so we can evaluate proper steps and airbrushing technique. We will work one-on-one with you until you master all necessary skills!

YOU HAVE THE POWER to make unwanted tattoos disappear, with durable makeup that is 100% rubproof and waterproof! No more caked-on tattoo makeup that feels heavy and that will rub off  halfway through the day! Airbrush makeup can look absolutely flawless…IF you know how to apply it properly for natural-looking, lightweight results…


Stop holding back on special occasions, job interviews, and social situations. Get started today by learning this step-by-step system for flawless and durable coverage of unwanted tattoos with airbrush makeup! This could be a life-changing experience…  

Click on “Buy Tattoo Concealing Master” button on top of this page to access your digital course bundle through our online video course platform 


You have 60 days to watch, read and practice along to the materials in this online video course. If, for whatever reason, you honestly feel you haven’t gotten your money’s worth in exchange for the information you received, we’ll be happy to give you a full refund!