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Wholistic - Past Life Regression

Do you sometimes wonder where a certain habit, fear, or other unusual behavior comes from?
Why do you think we've been somewhere before?
Have you ever met someone for the first time, yet feel you have known them all your life?
Do you have strong, vivid reoccurring dreams?
Do you have an affinity for a foreign language that none of your family speaks and is not part of your known heritage?
Have you always been fascinated with particular objects, people, places, music, art, etc..?

Stored in your subconscious mind are the memories of all of your experiences since you became a soul with the awareness of your individuality. Regression is reaching into those memories of the subconscious and the superconscious to recapture the events of past lifetimes connecting with the soul and the universal energy.
Emotional and physical challenges carried over from past incarnations can be quickly and effectively resolved through past life regression in far fewer sessions than with any conventional therapy

The person you are today is an accumulation of all the experiences we have had over numerous lifetimes. These past life events affect many aspects of our behaviour, release repressed thoughts/trauma, offer forgiveness needed to heal, bring forth a hidden talents inspiring us to make beneficial changes in our lives.

Through regression we unveil and rediscover other past life experiences which help us redefine the purpose and meaning of this current life and help us explain things we thought were unexplainable...

Cost : $110 (1.5 hours)