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Success, Action, Results! Workshop – coming soon

This innovative and inspiring workshop will teach you how to develop a way of thinking and believing − taking charge of your mindset and then following through with action to achieve success. Training your mindset is just one of the strategies for success you can learn at Alchemy Center. If you know something needs to change in your life or career and are not sure where to begin, then join us for this transforming workshop and let us be your motivating guides.

You will discover that no matter what your circumstances are, you can change your thinking and change your results in any aspect of your life. You have the power right now to expand your thinking and live a rich, successful and fulfilling life.

Cost : $35 - 2 hrs

Personal Astrology Readings

Personal Astrology Readings with Master Astrologer - Frances Solowinski
SPECIAL $75 (save $25)