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Wholistic - Yoga Nidra

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga nidra (Sanskrit for Yogic Sleep) is a powerful technique from the Tantric Yoga tradition that explores the states of conscious deep sleep. Although Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep, it is actually a wakeful state of deep introversion during the practice of yoga nidra the consciousness is functioning at the deeper level of awareness. It is state of mind in between wakefulness and dream.

In yoga nidra, you not only enjoy the complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation but also get to explore the tremendous powers hidden in the deeper layers of subconscious and unconscious mind. You learn how to access these powerful states to gain insight and inner knowledge, eliminate diseases, free yourself on all levels, access your true self and much more..

Yoga nidra is a systematic way of relaxing your body, mind and intellect. By practicing on regular basis, the nature of the mind can be changed, knowledge can be gained and your creative genius can be restored. It is also a powerful healing tool because it induces profound relaxation and deep rest. Resting the body and mind is the fundamental basis on which true healing takes place.

By making yoga nidra a part of your daily life, you not only relax completely, but you get in tune you’re your TRUE SELF which can be a very alchemical experience on every level leading to more self awareness and personal empowerment.

A single hour of yoga nidra is as restful and refreshing as four hours of conventional sleep.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

- Promotes deep relaxation at all the levels – physical, mental and emotional and spiritual
- Highly effective in stress reduction
- Improves quality of sleep and induces creative dreaming
- Highly effective in stress reduction and stress management
- Clears conflict-creating emotional patterns
- Decreases and/or eliminates diseases, insomnia, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, overwhelming emotions like fear, anger, jealousy etc
- Increases energy and motivation
- Awakes creativity
- Teaches the ability to pause and make better decisions
- Dismantles addictive behaviors
- Awakens the psychic body, sharpens awareness, strengthens spiritual connections
- Increases learning and sharpens memory
- Improves sex life
- Promotes well being on all levels
- Allows inner exploration of the moment to moment experience
- Deepens understanding and acceptance of inner obstacles
- Eliminates unhealthy habits and patters
- Helps to manage pre and post surgical conditions
- Correct psychalogical imbalances
- Soothes the nervous system
- Boosts the immune system
- Accelerates healing and prevents premature aging

What happens in a Yoga Nidra Session?

During a yoga nidra session you simply lie down in savasena and follow the instruction given without strain or undue effort. You will also be asked to state a resolution, something that you would like to develop in your life that will have a positive effect on your personal journey and support your deepest heart's desire... Then you will gently be guided through the different stages of this transformational practice.
The practice of Yoga Nidra does not require any specialized props or accessories; all that is required is a quiet area where you can lay down and rest as if you were preparing to take a nap.

This practice is suitable for all, and only requires the inner desire to discover relaxation and wholeness.

Group facilitation classes are offered upon request.

The cost for a personalized yoga Nidra session is $75/hr
Please contact us to set up your sessions or if you require further information.